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How your Donation Helps Children?

Children with special needs use several types of adaptive equipment including positioning devices, wheelchairs, bath chairs, strollers and walkers. Health Insurances as well as State Programs often only approve one or two of these much needed and costly items. Each and every adaptive equipment has its purpose and provides therapeutic benefits to multiple body systems, provides safety and allows the child to interact with their family and friends.


How Adaptive Equipment Helps Children?

  • Help musculoskeletal, cardiorespiratory and digestive systems
  • Improves and maintain a child’s bone integrity
  • Increase flexibility & strength
  • Minimize the risk of joint contractures and scoliosis
  • Improves extremity circulation
  • Improves bowel and bladder function
  • Promotes self-initiated movements
  • Promotes independence, confidence and exploration of their environment
Children walking with adaptive equipment

Donate Money. Donate Time. Donate Equipment

Your Donation helps provide adaptive equipment to a child who needs it, grants the funding to purchase difficult to obtain equipment, insures and helps spread the word to children who can benefit from our services. All monetary and equipment donations are tax deductible.